nottingham school audit

New iSchoolAudit school in Nottingham

The best time to carry our a school audit is usually when the kids are not in. You’re able to cover more ground in a day and more importantly audit more items!

I’ve not met a school manager or bursar that enjoys keeping track of assets in a school, keeping records of PC’s, digital cameras, tables and chairs is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckley I quite enjoy the job and seeing all the photo’s of the assets on ischoolaudit at the end of a audit day is very satisfying.

My colleague Paul and myself were booked in on the 3rd Jan to carry out an audit at a primary school in Nottingham. The alarm clock was set early at 5:30, we arrange a rendezvous point so we could travel together. Weather wise it was awful but we made good time and arrived onsite for 8:30. The School Manager was very friendly and had the school map all ready for us plus a cup of tea which is always a treat!

The first job is to label all the room locations with a QR code so when staff want to carry out a location audit in the future they just scan the QR code using an iPad or any smart device and ischoolaudit will tell them what should be in the room or location.

The next job is to label and record all the details of the  assets in school. We even took a photo of every item so the school would have evidence that the item existed plus they could monitor wear and tear.

Paul and myself used iPhones to carry out the work on 3G but between us we managed to record nearly 300 in a day. The school were really happy with the results and it took the hastle away from the school manager. No more spreadsheets to update!

The journey home was very wet but we made if back in one piece!