Broughton Primary School – Solve asset problems

Recently we had a school contact us regarding an asset tracking issue. Basically they had looked a different solution on the market on they were either too complicated or very expensive to run. We carried out a demonstration of iSchoolAudit to the Dave Proctor the IT manager at the school. He was really impressed at the simplicity of the product and the speed that items could be added to the system. Dave commented -

“Having tried different ways of tracking assets within a busy school, we have found iSchoolAudit is the easiest and quickest way to manage what can be an onerous task. The option to use it on most mobile devices means that the work can be shared out to many people making the job so much quicker. Once the initial input is complete, additions and relocations are a breeze as is the annual auditing of equipment. “

So if you are looking for a great value, simple to use asset tracking software for your school then feel free to email for a free trial.

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