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Blackpool's Newest School

Blackpool Gateway Academy is a brand new school that opened in September 2013. The school will cater for children between the ages of 3-11 and will grow year on year with Reception classes for 60 children. The school is located on Seymour Road in South Shore, close to Blackpool FC. It is the South Shore campus of Westcliff Primary School, Bispham.

A new school means lots of investment and lots of new equipment and from day one it was essential that the school were able to manage their assets and equipment in an effective manner and very early on, the Leadership team made the decision to use iSchoolAudit.

We provided one of our audit team for one day and in that day all assets and equipment at the site were logged, photographed and labelled with the minimum amount of fuss. It helps that the school has excellent WiFi available but the beauty of iSchoolAudit is that the App will run perfectly well using the 3G network, ensuring that that live updates can be made in areas where the WiFi network is not as reliable.

The final piece in the jigsaw for the team at Blackpool Gateway Academy was some formal training on the use of the software for members of the Leadership Team, Administrative Staff and the Network Manager; this was delivered on Friday and took less than 60 minutes to deliver the full training to all of the staff.

The Simple, Smart and Effective nature of the software makes it intuitive to use and the ease with which Sites, Faculties and Locations can be managed and reported on, coupled with the Depreciation model, will mean that the school benefits greatly for the adoption of this cloud based audit software.

Stuart Aris, Deputy Headteacher, said that “This software will ensure that we can manage and protect the significant investment that has been made in the building and equipping of this fantastic new school; we now know where equipment is and who is responsible for it at the touch of a button”.

Whether you are a Business Manager, Governor, Leadership Team member or Network Manager, iSchoolAudit provides you with the information YOU need to fulfill your role effectively.

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